Two Rings series

Shadow of the Lights (Two Rings 0.5)

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(MG short story)

(you do not need to read this first before Shadow Future, it's just a little extra story!)

Young Pearl Underwood has only been living with the other OverShadower children for a year. This second year, she's determined to be as obedient as possible, she doesn't want this year to be a repeat of last year.

But as Christmas draws near, she starts wanting to celebrate Christmas--just like she did when she lived with her father--with carols, lights, and of course, the Christmas tree. But the other OverShadowers tell her that they don't celebrate Christmas.

But Pearl doesn't give up.

After a few failed attempts at trying to get her way, little Christmas things start happening. Pearl doesn't know who's doing them for her, but she enjoys every second of them.

Will she get her Christmas wish after all?

Shadow Future (Two Rings #1)

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(YA Novella)

Pearl Underwood doesn't have any easy life. When her mother died giving birth to her, she destroyed the way OverShadowers have lived for years. Now Pearl is branded as faulty, and could make it worse when she has her children. With her father gone as well, she is stuck with the other OverShadowers who look down on her.

When Pearl is caught running away, her Leader, Adskhan, surprises her by letting her have something she's always craved:

Freedom. She will still need to get Fastened, the OverShadower’s way of marriage. But until the time comes, she can do as she pleases.

She is allowed to go to a school with humans, where she meets funny, kindhearted Max, who respects her for her. 

Just when things are starting to look up, her abilities start acting up. With her Fastening Day just around the corner, Pearl is worried about what this means for her.

When Adskhan reveals secrets about why her abilities aren't working as they should, Pearl doesn't know who to trust anymore.

Will she make it through? Or is that shadow future for her?

Dim Future (Two Rings #2)

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(YA Novella)

Pearl Underwood finally got away from the OverShadowers, only to end up with the Undimmed, who just like the OverShadowers, only want to use her for their own benefits.  But this time, they only want her Undimmed side.  Which would mean, having her OverShadower side taken away. Forever.

Pearl's convinced that learning how to control her Undimmed powers, and her OverShadower powers, will help her get a better grip on her future. There's only one problem: Her stepfather, Axel, has her rings, and without those rings, Pearl's life is on the line. And with her half-brother, Jayden, and cousin, Gabriel always watching her, Pearl has no chance of getting those rings back.

Pearl hates feeling sick, the only good thing about the whole situation is: she gets to see Max whenever her Undimmed side goes out of control. And Max listens to her when she talks, and cares about what she's going through. Even though he doesn't seem to feel the same away about her, as she does about him.

Will Pearl be able to get away once again? Or will she end up where she started?

DIM FUTURE is the second book in the Two Rings series. First book: SHADOW FUTURE.

My Future (Two Rings #3)

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(YA Novella)

Pearl Underwood is back where she started. In the clutches of the OverShadowers. Fastened to her Leader, Adskhan Carter. But this time things come at a price. She must behave, or Max, the boy she loves, will die. She tries to behave while she tries and finds information about Undimmed, and how to break the Fasten that binds Adskahn and her together, she if can just break it, than she can run away with Max. But the OverShadowers don’t let her always do what she wants, and she’s stuck pretending to like kissing Adskhan, and teaching the OverShadower children.

Max thought he had his life pretty much planned out. Work for his brother, find Hybrids, bring them back and make them feel safe. He didn’t know that trying to bring back Pearl Underwood would cause so much trouble. Not just for his job, but for his heart. Now he’s locked up in the OverShadower dungeon, trying to think of an escape plan. He can’t see Pearl. He can’t even hear her voice. He has to behave, or she gets hurt.

When their darkest hour hits, and everything seems hopeless, will they find a way to make it through? Together?

Our Future (#4)

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Pearl Underwood just wants it all to be over. She escaped the OverShadowers, and Adskhan. But not without a price. She’s still Fastened to him, and the memory of what he did to her haunts her. Giving her nightmares, and not even being able to say his name. The only thing that seems to be holding her together is, Max. She tries to learn more about her powers, keep them balanced. It keeps her sane, keeps her hoping for a better future. But she still feels like she belongs nowhere, even in the place with all the other people like her.

Max just wants Pearl to be herself again. Adskhan took everything from her, and all that’s left of his Pearl is an empty shell. He wants to be there for her, holds her when she cries, and tries to make everything better. But when his brother says that it’s time to start gathering the Hybrids again, he knows he has to leave her. He knows that Adskahn will come for her again, and when he’s suddenly thrust into being head of the Hybrids, Max faces his biggest challenge yet.
Will Pearl and Max be able to get past all their fears and worries and be together? Or will those who took everything get what they finally want?

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