Friday, February 22, 2013

#DimFutureBirthday giveaway winners!!!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway!!!! :D

Rafflecopter has randomly picked winners for both the US and Int'l giveaways....

Are you guys ready????




For the US: Cassady N.!!!!!

For the Int'l:  Sasha Nanua!!!

Congrats girls!! You guys have 48 hours to answer, so you can claim your prizes!!

-Madison xoxo

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The little things...

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Only a few more days until the weekend!

There's a few things to announce that has been going on this week, or longer:

First: I reached 40k in WIP yesterday! (that's the book that's where Young Justice meets Rise of the Guardians.) so that's pretty awesome.

Second: A couple friends helped me re-write SHADOW FUTURE'S summary! (nothing changed to the plot, just re-writing it) so here's the new summary:

Pearl Underwood doesn't have any easy life. When her mother died giving birth to her, she destroyed the way OverShadowers have lived for years. Now Pearl is branded as faulty, and could make it worse when she has her children. With her father gone as well, she is stuck with the other OverShadowers who look down on her.

When Pearl is caught running away, her Leader, Adskhan, surprises her by letting her have something she's always craved:

Freedom. She will still need to get Fastened, the OverShadower’s way of marriage. But until the time comes, she can do as she pleases.

She is allowed to go to a school with humans, where she meets funny, kindhearted Max, who respects her for her. 

Just when things are starting to look up, her abilities start acting up. With her Fastening Day just around the corner, Pearl is worried about what this means for her.

When Adskhan reveals secrets about why her abilities aren't working as they should, Pearl doesn't know who to trust anymore.

Will she make it through? Or is that shadow future for her?

Thank you friends who helped me re-write it!! XOXO.

And don't forget to the sign up for THE STORM's blog tour! Just click the pic:

I've been getting a lot of FAQ around how you'll get the book to read it, and review it. Well, once the list is full up, then Shane will send out the finished ecopy of the book for you to read. SO REMEMBER TO SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE TOUR!

WHEW. I think that's it. Oh, and I also spend way too much time on Tumblr. Thought you should know.

-Madison xoxo

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! And hey, if you're single, there's nothing wrong with that. You get all the chocolate to yourself. ;)

Millicent wanted to blow ya'll kisses. hehe.


Pearl and Max are other wise occupied, or they'd be here to give you one as well. But...alas. ;)

OH! And I almost forgot!! Here's the teaser from THE STORM:

"And I counted how many times he told me that he loved me while we walked. It was twenty.

I liked being in love."

-Madison xoxo

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bureau propre, des signets et tournée Blog

(French for: clean desk, bookmarks, and blog tour) if I would have written that in English, it wouldn't sound exciting. I'm not very good at coming up with great catchy blog post titles...

Ok! So, today, I got a burst of energy, and decided to clean and organize my desk. It now looks 100% better than it did. I turned on some music and got movin'. (I listened to a lot of Jessie J. Don't judge.)

Here are some pictures of my clean desk:

So nice looking!!

My little action figures...the Joker is at the bottom, he wouldn't stay up. :p

School stuff, etc, all nice and neat!

A window I "kind of" forgot was there. It's so much brighter now!

I didn't take before and after pictures, so there wasn't a great effect, but I felt proud (and I hadn't blogged for awhile)

Now onto bookmarks:

Aren't they pretty? And you can win some during the blog tour! Which is the NEXT thing I was going to talk about:

The blog tour is STILL open. April 8th-15th. Spots still open!! I hope you sign up. :) Click the pic below to go to the site to sign up!

I'm writing away at New Book Idea. And trying to write a pitch for it...writing pitches is HARD!

I hope ya'll are having an awesome week!!

-Madison xoxo

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Storm Blog Tour

EEEK YAY!!! Guess what??? THE STORM is having a blog tour!!

YES, a BLOG TOUR. *can't contain excitement*

(Millicent can't either! (gif of Emma Watson)

Sign up below!! (click the pic!)

Spread the word!! :D

-Madison xoxo