Writing Advice

Here's some advice I'd give a aspiring writer:

First things first, have you ever put yourself in your favorite movie? Or book? I did that for at least a year before I ever finished a book. I would put myself in my favorite movie. Then I would create a back story in my mind, telling how I ended up in the story. I plotted my way in there. I think that really helped me with my writing.

Second, every single book you never finish writing, will only lead you to writing your first. I started so many books, that I never finished. I still do it. So don't get discouraged when you can't finish writing a book. You'll get there soon!

Third, read. A lot. It helps with your writing.

Fourth, don't give up. Some people may try to discourage you. Don't let them. You love to write, so continue doing it. Don't. Give. Up. No matter what. Eat ice cream if you're feeling down. That's what I did. Then I just got back up again, and kept on going.

Fifth, be yourself. Create your own writing style. Just be you. That's the best you can be.


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