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The Hurricane (The Storm Saga #2) - Teaser Tuesday #7

HAPPY TUESDAY! This is very late, and I apologize. I had a busy day today.

This time...WITH THE COVER.

“Don’t. Do. That. In. The. House.” Matthew said, he glared over at Felix, who was recovering from his shock and now laughing. “I mean it!” Matthew said, flustered. He turned and headed back to the steps, food spilling off of him as he went.

A little fun one for ya'll! You deserved it. ;) I hope your Tuesday was AWESOME.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Hurricane (The Storm Saga #2) Cover Reveal + Excerpt & Giveaway!

HAPPY TUESDAY LOVELY READERS! Today, instead of the normal TT, I have an entire EXCERPT to share with you from THE HURRICANE, and a giveaway!

Thank you Shane from Itching For Books helping spread the word over the cover reveal!

Ok, are you ready?

Summary first:

Ever since the storm that changed Millicent, and her brother’s lives, giving them storm powers, Millicent had never been truly happy, but with Felix back, and all of them together, things were just like they used to be before the storm—minus the 17th century—it was time to try school again, but together this time, and without everything that almost separated them again. But just as everything was falling back into a normal steady pace, things start to fall apart again. A new enemy, Tyler, doesn’t want them to be around, he wants them dead, wants to finish what his cousins failed to do months before.

Millicent tells the others to start training, getting ready for the fight that is sure to come, but things fall apart farther and farther, until Millicent is just holding onto a thread, and that thread is Felix. But only for a time. Because sometimes, even love has its limits. Even though that love had time to grow and strengthen.

With the new threat looming over their heads, the family scattered, Millicent isn’t sure how this will end happily, for her, for Felix, for her family. Especially with something comes into Felix and Millicent’s life, and changes it forever. 

Will they all be able to come together again, and face the threat? Or will they bend to those who wish to destroy them?




It's it beautiful??? I love the white lightning with the blue!

Ok, now for the excerpt, warning: you may cry.

"I turned and looked around, I spotted a park bench, and then I saw someone with dark brown hair sitting on it. “Michael!” I cried, I ran towards the bench, and Michael turned around. I stopped in front of the bench, and Michael looked away. I sat down next to him, slowly. “You ok?”

Michael put his head in his hands. “Everyone keeps asking that. But no, I’m not ok. I wish people would stop asking me that.”

“But we just care about you—”

Michael’s head shot up, and the wind blew a little stronger than it had been. “I’ve heard that too. From some of my friends, but then…they just decided that they didn’t care anymore.” He stood up, and I watched him sadly. I saw Matthew get out of the car and walk towards us.

“Things are just hard right now, alright? Everything will go back to normal here soon—” I tried.

Michael laughed, and put his hands in his pockets. “No, Millicent, they’re not going to back to normal. Ever since we found Felix—”

“Don’t blame this on him.” I said sternly.

“You thought the same thing though!” he turned to look at me. “While I was lying on a cold floor, dying. But now that everything is just great, you don’t even spend time with me or even Matthew anymore. Even your cat, it’s all about Felix now, isn’t?”

I felt like I just got all the air sucked out of my lungs. I swallowed, I felt the lightning crawl into my hands. That hurt as much as it made me angry. “We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, I’m his wife. I’m supposed to spend time with him. If this was back then, I wouldn’t even be living with you guys. I would most likely only see you once a month or even that.”

“But this isn’t ‘back then’ is it, Millicent? It’s the twenty first century, where most couples live with their families until they can get back on their feet. And if you’re so keen on the idea of leaving me and Matthew, go ahead, go off and live with Felix.” He started to walk away, but Matthew came out of nowhere, and grabbed him by the arm, that’s when the rain started to fall. I took in a deep breath, trying to keep the lightning inside. The wind picked up.

“You apologize right now.” Matthew his voice was even, but I heard it crack a little.

Michael yanked his arm away. “No, Matthew. I’m done with this. I was done with this a long time ago, but I didn’t want to go anywhere because I thought ‘oh hey, they still want me’ but I have a feeling that you guys don’t want me anymore. Am I right?”

“That’s not true.” I said quietly, my tears mingled with the rain.

“But it is.” Michael snapped, he turned back to Matthew, who was trying to keep himself together. “I’m done with this, I’m done with this family. You guys can go back to the ‘love of your lives’ and I’ll go find something to do with my miserable and immortal life.” He turned on his heel and started to walk to his car. I let out a sob, and Matthew just watched him walk away.

My feet got a mind of their own. I took off after my brother. “Michael!” I sobbed, I caught up with him, but he didn’t stop walking. I wrapped my arms around his waist, and started to sob. “Don’t leave.” I sobbed into his shirt.

He stilled, but he didn’t put his arms around me like he would do if Michael wasn’t leaving me.

“Don’t leave me.” I sobbed. “Please don’t.”

Michael pried my arms off around him, “Goodbye, Millicent.” He said quietly. He turned around and jogged the rest of the way to his car, he got in, started it, and drove away. I fell onto my knees, and sobbed.

He was gone."

What did ya'll think? *is ready to face all the feels that will be directed her way, and laughs evilly*

Head over to Shane's blog for the giveaway!

I hope your Tuesday is awesome!

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Happy Saturday!

RAIN, a Storm Saga Valentine Story, has over 50 downloads! Thank you all so much who read it and loved it! (even if you didn't love it, thanks for reading!) You can get your free PDF copy of Rain, here. Which is now updated with the first three chapters of THE STORM, and what not. Which you get for free, because RAIN is free. Bonus.

Since it's exactly one month until THE HURRICANE releases, I put it on pre-order on Smashwords! You can go and add it to your library now.

And the cover reveal is the 18th! Which is hosted by the lovely Shane from Itching For Books, and I can't wait to show you the cover! The excerpt I sent in for the reveal has lots of feels, and this scene isn't in the summary, or any of the teasers, so I am preparing you now for the feels. *evil author laugh*

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I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday!

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Rain, a Storm Saga Short Story!

Happy afternoon readers!! I am very excited to share this Fellicent story with you. (Millicent and Felix's ship name, or more like canon, but whatever)

Click HERE to get a FREE PDF copy of it! :D

Here's a cover I made last minute, not as fancy as Hope's covers, but...

This VDay story is before the powers, and everything is normal. This is a different Millicent, there are like three of her. lol. (one is to be written!) So I hope you enjoy!! :D

Happy Valentine's Day!!

-Madison xoxo

Secret Valentine Story Reveal with Danielle Sibarium!

Good morning lovely readers! Today I have Danielle to talk about her secret VDAY project! Which I am very very very very excited for! Eek!

First, I would like to thank you for allowing me to announce my special message on your blog. I am so honored to be here today. I understand your blog is a reflection of you and so I thank you for giving me this opportunity. Next, I’d like to thank every reader that has ever picked up one of my books and given them a chance. And finally I’d like to thank all of my fans that have felt compelled to reach out to me. I have appreciated all of your letters, messages, and support, whether it came in an email, or just a short and sweet tweet.
When I began this journey, I had no expectations. I had dreams and hopes and wishes, but to say I expected For Always to take on a life of its own would not be true. Since its release in October of 2011, many people have contacted me asking me if I planned to write a sequel. I thought Stephanie and Jordan’s story had been completed, but for many of you, it wasn’t enough. So because you asked, because you told me in no uncertain terms you wanted it, I am working on And Forever, the sequel to For Always. And Forever picks up where For Always ended. While Stephanie and Jordan are finally a couple, they still carry the same baggage they had before. Can their love survive the ghosts of their past and the challenges of the future?

I hope you are excited about this as I am. I expect And Forever to be released in July 2014. Until then, look for teasers on Facebook and Twitter. And before I go, I leave you with this, the prologue of And Forever.  Once again thank you for being so amazing. Happy Reading! 


            The scent of death lingered nearby. Always. Only I didn't attract it, I repelled it, like a deflector shield. This was my lot in life, to extend the days of those I loved. That theory came from Jordan; the keeper of my heart, and the love of my life!  
            I sighed. I didn't realize I did it until Jordan apologized. Again.
            "I'm sorry Steph, I don't want to be distracted."
            "I know. I understand. Promise."
            He misunderstood. It was a contented sigh. One that said I was thrilled my boyfriend was driving me to school. The sigh was a sign of how surreal sitting next to Jordan and knowing that he loved me was. How I couldn't believe in a matter of hours he'd be leaving me alone on the college campus, and I intended to savor each minute with him. The sigh was the only chance I had of getting any of those sentiments across because he didn't want me to talk while he was driving. I knew just being in the car together was challenging for him.
            Jordan still suffered the after effects of a terrible car accident that left his ex-girlfriend dead. Of course he was breaking up with her at the time because he loved me, and I pushed him into making a choice between us. When he served as my unexpected prom date, I made him admit his feelings. That's what led to his break-up with Madison, leaving him in a swamp of guilt induced quick sand when she died. But we worked through all that.
            I hoped.
            I didn't bother saying anything further to try and reassure him I wasn't upset. I'd already been warned he couldn't concentrate on the road and to keep the radio down. The problem was he wanted it down so low I couldn't hear the music. I glanced at his hands on the steering wheel, his knuckles were white. He held on so tight I expected his fingers to cramp up. I hated that this was so hard for him. I wished I knew how to make it better, but the only thing I could do was stand beside him and hope in time he'd heal.
            I turned to my window, watching the never ending expanse of trees zoom by. I wished for a brief moment I'd gone in the other car with my mother and her new, at least new to me, boyfriend Eddie. I'd been clueless about Eddie, but after her health scare last week, she came clean. She wanted to see him and had been ordered to take a few days off of work. Work is where they'd rendezvous during lunch. She'd been frightened when they first told her it looked like a heart attack and realized it was silly to keep him hidden away. No way I wanted to hear what cheesy, weird things they might be talking about. I mean it was my mom, gross. Still, I was happy for her. My father died a decade ago and as far as I knew she'd never dated before.
            I chose to ride with Jordan, because even in the deafening silence, and the tension he carried on his shoulders every time we got in a car together, there was nowhere else I'd rather be. From the first moment he spoke to me, he owned my heart. It was branded with his name. I'd tried for four years to move on, to forget him, but that wasn't an option for me. No one could hold a candle to him.
            "Hey," He pulled my attention back to the here and now. "You know I love you right?"
            I smiled. Of course he knew that would make me smile, that's why he said it. It felt like that's all I'd done over the last week since he found me crying on the beach. I'll never forget the wave of relief that washed over me when I found out he'd been spared from a terrible plane crash. He never made it on the plane because I called him at the last minute in an attempt to get him to stay. Thank goodness I did. I didn't know where he was going or why, but Maria warned me that he was leaving, and it might be forever.  
            I always believed myself to be the root cause of the bad things that happen to people around me, Jordan thought I was what kept them hanging on. I didn't believe him, at least not yet. But having him try to convince me otherwise promised to be amazing.


I am so excited for this sequel! If you haven't read FOR ALWAYS, get to it! Links below!

Here is the For Always page on Goodreads
 Barnes and Noble

And Danielle is hosting a giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a great Valentine's Day! :D I hope you're spending it with someone special! (even if that special someone is ice cream.)

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The Hurricane (The Storm Saga #2) - Teaser Tuesday #6

It's another Tuesday!! And I have another teaser!! And the cover reveal is the 18th! Sign up!

“You’re almost three centuries and you’re still annoying.” I whipped my head around, expecting to see Michael, but he wasn’t there. I started to wonder if we were all linked somehow because of our powers, or maybe I had just been around my brothers for so long, I just knew would he would say.

(friendly reminder that teasers aren't edited)

Happy Tuesday!!

-Madision xoxo

Cover Reveal: The Shadow Prince by Stacey O'Neal

I'm honored to be helping reveal this cover! I'm excited to read this book!

This prequel novella will be FREE and available on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble on March 25, 2014!

Every sacrifice has consequences.

Sixteen-year-old Rowan has spent most of his life living among the mortals—learning to control the element of fire, impatiently awaiting the day his vengeful mother, Queen Prisma, will abdicate her throne. When he finally returns to Avalon for his coronation, his mother insists he must first prove his loyalty to the court by completing a secret mission:

Kill Kalin, the half-human, half-elemental daughter of the air court king.

Willing to do anything to remove his mother from power, he agrees to sacrifice the halfling. He returns to the mortal world with his best friend, Marcus, determined to kill the princess. But as he devises a plan, he starts to question whether or not he's capable of completing such a heinous task. And what price he will pay if he refuses?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mortal Enchantment (Book 1)
ebook262 pages
Expected publication: May 20th 2014 by Phoenix Reign Publishing


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stacey O'Neale started her career in publishing as a blogger turned publicist for two successful small publishers. She loves to write stories with swoony paranormal heroes, snarky heroines, and lots of kissing.

When she's not writing, she loves blogging and fangirling about books on twitter. Occasionally, she leaves her computer to go outside.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

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The Hurricane (The Storm Saga #2) - Teaser Tuesday #5

Another teaser coming your way!! :D And don't forget to sign up for The Hurricane's cover reveal hosted by @ItchingForBooks!

"I just learned to cope though, they’re just like sleeping now, I’ve had them for so long. Not having a nightmare would be…a nightmare."

Not romancey or sobbing-y. Just a teaser, a little glimpse at Millicent's life. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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The Hurricane (The Storm Saga #2) Cover Reveal Sign Ups!!

Howdy there, readers. I have come from a long day at driving school. And I am very excited to have Shane from Itching For Books host the cover reveal for THE HURRICANE! :D

Here's the link for the doc. 

It's scheduled for the 18th of this month! And if you sign up, send me an email at madisonlouisesbooks@hotmail.com with your address, and I'll send you a bookmark! :)

Happy Sunday!

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