Friday, August 23, 2013

The end of summer detail post

Happy Friday, readers!

This week as been busy! I released MY FUTURE (Two Rings #3) on the 21st, and school is almost here! Summer has been amazing, I have never had such a great summer before this one, I think it may be HS that's doing me in.

I wrote a 100k+ novel, which I am really hoping I can share with you all, and I've read tons of books when I had no time to read during school.

All in all, it's been an amazing summer, but I'm little excited for school to start, to meet my new teachers and classmates.

So, today, I filled out the application for my book signing at the Granville Historical Society. And I have all the info, just read below:

The First History Book Fair is to take place on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 (Denison University Big Red weekend) between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Old Academy Building, 1013 East Elm Street in Granville, Ohio. (corner of South Main Street (Route 37) and West Elm Street.)

All kinds of books should be there, YA, adult, children, fiction or nonfciton. 

So mark your calenders everyone! I've also going to give out bookmarks, because I'm nice like that. ^.^

Also, for the Pop Con, I have the details RIGHT HERE. I'm cosplaying as the Doctor I'm pretty sure, but you never know, I might change my mind.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

-Madison xoxo

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Future (Two Rings #3) Release Day!

YAY! It's finally here! I'm really excited to share this book with you, Pearl really grows up in this book, and so does Max! I had fun writing both POV's in this book. :) But a lot of other things get in the way along the way. You might cry, just a warning there.

I have buy links for you all to enjoy!

Nook, Kindle, Smashwords, Paperback via Amazon, Paperback via Createspace store

Pearl Underwood is back where she started. In the clutches of the OverShadowers. Fastened to her Leader, Adskhan Carter. But this time things come at a price. She must behave, or Max, the boy she loves, will die. She tries to behave while she tries and finds information about Undimmed, and how to break the Fasten that binds Adskahn and her together, she if can just break it, than she can run away with Max. But the OverShadowers don’t let her always do what she wants, and she’s stuck pretending to like kissing Adskhan, and teaching the OverShadower children.

Max thought he had his life pretty much planned out. Work for his brother, find Hybrids, bring them back and make them feel safe. He didn’t know that trying to bring back Pearl Underwood would cause so much trouble. Not just for his job, but for his heart. Now he’s locked up in the OverShadower dungeon, trying to think of an escape plan. He can’t see Pearl. He can’t even hear her voice. He has to behave, or she gets hurt.

When their darkest hour hits, and everything seems hopeless, will they find a way to make it through? Together?

Annnnd...a giveaway because you can't have a release day without a giveaway, right?

I'm giving away copies of all the now released Two Rings series books. (Shadow of the Lights, Shadow Future, Dim Future, My Future) plus some bookmarks! And I have really awesome new envelopes to send them in too! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enjoy the giveaway, it ends on the 15th of September. :) so...start entering!!

-Madison xoxo

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Future is paperback early + other

Happy Tuesday, readers!

I come to you from panic central, where I try very hard to every possible thing before lunch, so I can play hours of New Zelda game.

Oh, and then school starts on Monday, and I am so NOT ready for it. all. Then there's the fact that I need to finish The Storm #3 BEFORE NOVEMBER, so I can start New Book Idea for NaNo.

AND deadline for application for the book signing on October 5th needs to be sent in SOON. And I don't have my picture yet, and I have no money to buy books or a table....


Wait...that gif has nothing to do with what I just said...oh well...I guess I should say that I just wish I could feel like that...Oh, and Doctor Who.

BUT, there's a good thing, MY FUTURE (Two Rings #3) is in paperback early! Click HERE to see for yourself.

AND, new Zelda game is amazing, and it'll be my fourth Zelda game I finished this year if I finish it by Christmas. I feel very accomplished. I also beat two bosses and finished two dungeons yesterday. That usually takes me about a week or something...(that gif up top should of gone here)

Well, off I go to finish my race to the finish before lunch.

-Madison xoxo

Friday, August 16, 2013

Felix Novella: Finished

And another bites the dust! finished. Took me a week to write Felix's novella, I had no idea it would take me that along to tell you the truth. It was a rocky start, trying to write on the tense I wanted to, since Never Ending MS was in a different tense, it was hard to switch.

But as I went along, things got easier, and I am very excited to share this book with you. Even though Felix most of the time refused to act like his old self, I think he was trying to tell me that he was all grown up now. And he is!

I can't say too much about it, because it has spoilers from The Hurricane (The Storm Saga #2). :)

Also, I think I may be adding yet another book to The Storm Saga, quite possibly.  I was thinking about book 3 would be enough to tie things together, but I don't think it will. I'll be letting you all know!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I plan on writing a lot, reading, playing ACNL, and watching Doctor Who!!

-Madison xoxo

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: HOVER by Melissa West + Giveaway!

Hello lovelies! Today, I am posting a review of HOVER (The Taking #2) by Melissa West!

On Earth, seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander was taught to never peek, but if she hopes to survive life on her new planet, Loge, her eyes must never shut. Because Zeus will do anything to save the Ancients from their dying planet, and he has a plan. 

Thousands of humans crossed over to Loge after a poisonous neurotoxin released into Earth's atmosphere, nearly killing them. They sought refuge in hopes of finding a new life, but what they became were slaves, built to wage war against their home planet. That is, unless Ari and Jackson can stop them. But on Loge, nothing is as it seems...and no one can be trusted.


I have been waiting to read this book since I finished GRAVITY. And I was sooooo happy to get an e-ARC of it!!

Ari is now on Loge, and she has to face what happened back on Earth, what's happening on Loge now, and trying to figure out her and Jackson out. All before everything comes crashing down.

Everything went pretty fast, there wasn't really a pause in the action, which I didn't mind at all. And at first, I was like...where's the romance? But it comes just at the end, and there's plenty for the rest of book, I promise. ;)


I won a contest last year sometime, and I got a chance to be in Melissa's book. And I was! Reading about me was amazing, and even though I wasn't in it very much, it was still awesome.

I love Ari, at first she's all tough, and then you see her scared and weak scared, seeing how human she really is. I don't like heroines who act tough all the time, I like them where they can be weak and scared too. And Ari is a perfect example! I thought I could relate to her a lot, besides being with aliens and all that...

Jackson was a mystery to both me and Ari. She couldn't figure him out, and towards the end, we finally really get Jackson, so the mystery was finally solved, and I felt like I could understand Jackson better.

With all the other characters, and the villian, Zeus, it was an awesome cast of characters, and I can't wait to read more about them in COLLIDE!


As I said before, there wasn't a lot of romance up until the end, and it was enough for the entire book. Jackson and Ari are a tough couple, being complete oppsisties, but together, they are amazing! I hope they get married in the near future...


It's written in the present tense, which is now my favorite tense, since I'm writing in it. It used to bother me, but now I love it, and the writing is awesome! I can't wait to read more!


4.5 stars! I'm anxiously waiting for COLLIDE, the ending of HOVER will kill you. I cried.

Links so you can buy your own copy!!

Amazon, B&N

Now, for the giveaway!! I'm giving away a copy of GRAVITY by Melissa! Just use the rafflecopter to enter! US ONLY.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

-Madison xoxo

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy/Depressed After Finishing WIP Author

My titles are getting better, I must admit.

Anyhoo. I JUST finished #neverendingWIP. The final word count was 125,457. (WOW.) I am very proud of this book! The book was supposed to be a short story, but oh no, it grew, and grew, to the point where I almost went insane.

I know probably some of you are curious on what it's about,'s a little hint: (and I'm terrible at the whole something meets something things, so I'm going to try)

A novel about a girl who lives in lies for most of her life, and then she discovers the truth, and she goes after her dreams. 

If I come up with a something meets something else, I'll let you know. lol. But that's a vague hint about it. It's a YA novel, but a little bit more YA than what I usually write. It's also the longest book I have ever written. It's not paranormal at all, it's a Real Life novel. (that's what I like to call those sorts of novels) it's also a growing up story, it has romance, and the works.

I am verrrry excited to share it with you. It's a standalone at the moment. And that's all I wanted, it could have been a trilogy, but I went for a huge book instead.

I shall be making a Pintrest board now because I can.

I hope you all have a great Sunday!!

-Madison xoxo

PS: Now I will eat ice cream and think about THE STORM SAGA 2.5, which I will be starting tomorrow. Because an author can never rest!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Let's take a moment and bask in the awesomenss of my stuffed Dalek

Happy Saturday lovelies! Today, I had an urge to make a stuffed dalek. (not sure what a dalek is? Click here.) And I asked my mom to help, and guess what? She did! (best mom ever award) then, in a few hours, we had completed it!

We didn't have to buy anything for it, (just had to buy some more glue sticks, but we were out anyway) and there! You have a dalek.

There, now you may go on with your lives with this knowledge.

Here, have a dalek scene.

-Madison xoxo

Friday, August 2, 2013

Title Reveal: The Storm Saga #2 + Felix POV Scene!

Hi everyone! I am here with a special present for all of you. Since I am going away to camp on Sunday, and won't be back to the computer until Thursday, I wanted to give you a present!

The title of The Storm Saga #2!! PLUS, a scene from THE STORM (The Storm Saga #1) in Felix's POV!

Aren't I a nice author? ;)

So...the scene first:

My favorite line in this scene is: "We kissed for what felt like forever. We remembered how each other worked, how our mouths worked. It was like hundreds of years hadn’t gone by at all, but only a day, a few minutes, seconds."

So, what do you think??

Now, for the title reveal!




The Hurricane (The Storm Saga #2) coming 2014!

I know a lot of people were confused about the ending of The Storm, and how there was an epilogue  but that was just to tie things up for that book, The Hurricane is going to start only a month from where I left you all, from Thunder & Lightning. I am so excited to share this book with you! It's 15k words longer than The Storm!

I hope you all have a great weekend and week!!

-Madison xoxo


Thursday, August 1, 2013

THUNDER & LIGHTNING in Paperback! + Camp

Hello lovelies!

Today, THUNDER & LIGHTNING passed it's proof test and is now available in paperback here. Amazon to follow soon! :)

Oh, and pretty picture of THE STORM and THUNDER & LIGHTNING together!!

And, this Sunday, I will be leaving for camp. (the 4th) and I'll be back on Thursday, (the 8th) I will have 3G on my phone, not sure how well it'll work out there. But I will try to reply to emails and tweets. I will be tweeting of course, it'll just be hard for me to answer back any replies!

So you need anything for a blog post, or a review or anything, please let me know before 9:00pm on Saturday! :)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

-Madison xoxo