Saturday, October 25, 2014

Romancing Halloween Blog Hop! Oct. 25th - Nov. 1st!

Halloween is my favorite holiday (aside from Thanksgiving). I love dressing up, that's my favorite part of the whole thing. And oh, the candy. Horror movies was never something I enjoyed, they scare the crap out of me, and I never watch them. BUT, I do love the dark. It's fascinating, and when I created my beings for my Two Rings series, one of them had to be of the dark. OverShadowers. And of course, they're counter parts, Undimmed.

To learn more about OverShadowers, check out, Shadow Future:

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Also, a book that's more paranormal, and not as dark, you can check out The Storm, where my characters have paranormal storm powers!


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-Madison xoxo


  1. Thanks for participating in the Romancing Halloween blog hop, Madison! I never really got into horror movies either, but I do like paranormals!

  2. Your books sound really interesting!

  3. I'm with you on the candy, Madison!!

  4. I am going to be a Candy Dispenser for Halloween :)

  5. Not dressing up, just manning the candy bowl.

  6. I'm not a fan of scary stuff either, and yet I wrote a zombie story last NaNoWriMo, which was published this summer. Funny where writing can take you...


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