Friday, June 7, 2013

The most FAQ I get

Hello, readers!! It's Friday! YAY!

I just wanted to clear up something that people have asked very often, and I've tried to make it make as much sense as it possibly can, and yet still, people are still confused. Which is totally fine, I just hope this time everything will make more sense. :)

The Most FAQ I Get:

Is THE STORM apart of, or after a book in the Two Rings series?

Answer: NO. It is not. It is in fact, part of it's own series, which is still to be named. (we're working on it)

But here's how you can remember if it's part of a separate series, or part of the Two Rings series:

Does it have the word 'future' in the title? If yes, it's part of the Two Rings series. (Shadow of the Lights, Shadow Future, Dim Future, My Future, Two Rings #4)

If it doesn't have 'future' in the title, and it has a storm like occurrence in the title, it's part of the To-Be-Named Storm Series.

I hope this clears up things the most! If you have any other questions, they will most likely be answered here.

Happy Friday!!

-Madison xoxo

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