Monday, January 13, 2014

First phase of editing...FINISHED! #Stars

Happy Monday to you all! It's been a few days since I posted, but nothing has really been happening, except all my fish dying and school....

But, I just finished editing STARS. My YA dystopian standalone, which should be releasing soon!

I'm in love with the story, I couldn't stop editing it, and I got the first phase of editing done in three days. BOO-YAH. I'll read through it again here in a month or so, I like to still be excited about it when I read through it again. That's why I take my time. Then it'll be the final phase, and then I'll probably announce the release date! And cover. Yipee.

If you want to add STARS on Goodreads, click here. You can also see the Pintrest page I created for it here. :)

-Madison xoxo

PS: The ongoing Teaser Tuesday's for THE HURRICANE (The Storm Saga #2) will start NEXT TUESDAY. So keep up on the blog. :D

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