Saturday, February 15, 2014


Happy Saturday!

RAIN, a Storm Saga Valentine Story, has over 50 downloads! Thank you all so much who read it and loved it! (even if you didn't love it, thanks for reading!) You can get your free PDF copy of Rain, here. Which is now updated with the first three chapters of THE STORM, and what not. Which you get for free, because RAIN is free. Bonus.

Since it's exactly one month until THE HURRICANE releases, I put it on pre-order on Smashwords! You can go and add it to your library now.

And the cover reveal is the 18th! Which is hosted by the lovely Shane from Itching For Books, and I can't wait to show you the cover! The excerpt I sent in for the reveal has lots of feels, and this scene isn't in the summary, or any of the teasers, so I am preparing you now for the feels. *evil author laugh*

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I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday!

-Madison xoxo 

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