Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fillicent Scene!

I wrote this out of nowhere the other night. And decided to share!

It takes place in the middle of Thunder & Lightning (The Storm Saga #1.5) It's during their wedding night, of obvi, I don't write sex scenes, so it's not that. So don't worry, peeps. You can always count on me for that! ^.^



When the dress slipped to the floor, and his coat and a shirt came off, I literally couldn't breathe. I had only seen men without their shirts at war times, when they were being fixed up. I never went anywhere that men might be showing more than in thought proper. I never even saw my brothers without their shirts on, our heritage was so drilled into us I ha d never seen a chest before. Ever. I felt silly, thinking those things, but when Felix leaned back from kissing my shoulder, I reached out and tentatively touched him, it wasn't much, since he was still really a boy according to these times, but he was a man to me. My husband. My Felix. My thunder. 

He touched my hand as I trailed my fingers down his chest. "You seem a little shocked." He whispered. I nodded and bit my lip. He took his other hand and carefully put it on my waist and goosebumps went up my entire body. "Millicent," he whispered. I didn't know who was in more of a state of shock, him or me. I knew he's never seen a girl with a bikini, he told me he wanted to be careful, so seeing me in just my undergarments was driving him insane. And touching me no less. 

"I don't...I don't know..." He stammered softly.

"Me too," so I just leaned forward and kissed him. That helped him get back to routine. He explored new parts of me, and I explored new parts of him, until we both didn't have any clothes on and I was in the bed, and he was hovering over me and we just kissed. "I love you," he whispered to me. "I love you too." I whispered back. My thunder. My everything. We continued all night, things were awkward and were confusing but the fact that we were both doing this together and for the first time made it all worth it. I loved him, and he loved me. And that's all that mattered.


Got inspired from reading DELUGE. Lisa never ceases never to inspire me! Hope you liked, if you didn't, that's alright, I wrote this just for fun. :)

Happy Tuesday!

-Madison xoxo

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