Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blog Post That Doesn't Have A Title

Ok, so I knew I had to post something, so this is going to be a random blog post with all sorts of random things.


Are you having a hard time imagining what my guys look like in my books? Link from Zelda is a PERFECT example:

Swordsmen FTW!!! (btw, I'm re-playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in Hero Mode. It is SO HARD.)

And the next thing: I am writing a new book, which I LOVE like a lot. And I used this song for the playlist:

I think I earn extra cool points for that. Mhm.

And if I were to pitch this New Book Idea, it would be: Rise of the Guardians meets Young Justice. Now you know why I'm so excited about this. Two of my favorite things rolled into one. PLUS: Swords, and bow and arrows. Extra cool.

Ok, so there's my updateish post. I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!! I'll have more info on THE STORM soon! Don't forget to enter the #DimFutureGiveaway! There's a link to the post in the sidebar. :)

-Madison xoxo

PS: Don't forget to view the Pintrest board for New Book Idea! Link: http://pinterest.com/authormadison/new-book-idea/

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