Thursday, October 23, 2014

Frostbite - Coming December 20th

That's right, a new book. Woah, boom, bang, pow!

It's the book that comes right after The Hurricane, The Storm Saga Book 2. It's about five years later, and it's from Felix's POV.

You're excited now, aren't you?

The summary is highlighted in white, to avoid spoilers, aren't I nice?

Things have gone smoothly for the Walters after they had their two children, Nevaeh and Zachary. No signs of powers, and no government agents coming after their family. It's normal, Felix has a job, and Millicent watches the children. But when Millicent gets an offer she doesn't want to refuse, and Felix tells her that it's not a good idea, the two start to fight, and the family seems to be falling apart bit by bit. Felix tries to fix the problem, tries to make things better, but Millicent doesn't have it.

When Millicent leaves, and Felix is left alone, it's up to their children to bring them together again, but not in a way anyone was excepting.

And here is the gorgeous cover that Hope made for it last minute!!

Frostbite will be out on the 20th of December! Just around the time snow comes along. Hehe. ;)

-Madison xoxo


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