Friday, July 26, 2013

An AMAZING Surprise!


So, just last night I was feeling a little down in the dumps about some things, and I went to bed pretty upset. BUT, this morning, just as I woke up, my mom came up the steps to say good morning and she read me the email from the woman from the Granville Historical Society. (my mom had mentioned me as being an author for their author event in October) so, my mom said that the woman had heard of me from someone else, and they would love to have me at their event, in downtown Granville, October 5th 10-4 for BOOK SIGNING.


MY FIRST REAL BOOK SIGNING! I get to use my pretty pink pen and sign books and talk with readers and...AHHHHH. My reaction was pretty much this inside when my mom told me, but I'm a pretty chill person when it comes to outside reactions, so outside I just nodded and was like, great! But inside, I started forming a plan and freaking out.

I need to get a photo shoot done for the author photo. I need to start editing a little of The Storm #2 so that a few chapters can be in the back of new paperback copies of THE STORM. Plus, I need to start getting THUNDER & LIGHTNING formatted so that it can be in paperback form as well. (YES! AHH) and after I do all that, I will sit back and just wait. Because I am so happy right now. I am floating.

So, if you happen to be in the area, or love me so much that you will travel to see me (hehe), the signing is in downtown Granville, October 5th from 10-4pm.

Now off I go! There's things to do!

-Madison xoxo

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