Friday, July 12, 2013


(that well thought out title was not thought out at all, I just had no idea what to title it)

Happy Friday, readers!! Another week gone by, and a good one I might add. I wrote 6k the other day in WIP. Which I am totally in love with, and may or may not publish so that all of you can read it. I'm hoping, very so hoping, that it will be a standalone novel, with a possible awesome epilogue and not a bridge story. Since that tends to happen a lot...I took a huge turn in the book so maybe it'll tie up the loose ends and it'll just be a standalone. (that huge turn by the way, makes me cry often while I'm just staring into space....)

In other news, I am FINALLY BACK ON TWITTER AND READING ALL OF YOUR TWEETS. I think the passion to write more helped me make my way back on Twitter. If you hadn't noticed these past weeks, I haven't been wanting to write a whole lot, but it's come back to me, and that's how I wrote 6k the other day...

I feel like I'm part of things again, and I'm ready to jump back into the world of writing, reading and blogging. Unfortunately, I don't be opening up my review blog again, because I don't think I can keep so many things up at once. So if I ever do any blog tours, (which I hope I do) they'll be here on this very blog! (yay!)

And with that, I wish you all a great Friday!!! Don't be shy to put your #FridayReads in the comments, I'll reply! :)

-Madison xoxo

PS: Don't forget to check out Thunder & Lightning's page on the website...I added extras! Link. And by the way, it's totally going to be released this month. Hope is going to start on the cover verrrrrry soon. Just as soon as her jet lag wears off. hehe.

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