Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: WITHER by Lauren DeStefano

This is the 6th book I've read this year.

At age 16, Rhine Ellery has four years to live. Thanks to a botched effort to create a perfect race, all females live to age 20 and males live to age 21. On the cusp of her 17th birthday, Rhine attempts to flee, but what she finds is a society spiraling out of control.

Christian beliefs: none

Other belief systems: Nothing is mentioned. 

Language: hell is used multiple times. It's used in swearing, and also in the sense that they live in a hell. There were a couple more words also. 

Violence: lots of sickness, blood everywhere, people getting dissected.

Romance: kissing, sleeping together. (but everyone who gets slept with is married.) and someone does end up getting pregnant. 

Any other bad things: they talk about sex a couple of times. And the character that's evil sounded awful.

Comments: I honestly did not enjoy this book, and I was hoping that I would. I didn't like the way that the book was written, I usually love first person, but the way that the first person was written was confusing to me. I didn't like how the author made the 13 year old girl appear like a ten year old. I've been 13 once, and we DON'T act like that. The author made her seem like she was stupid, and had no idea what was happening. At age 13, I knew perfectly well that marriage was for, and the fact that the girls husband was way older than her, it was just horrible to read about it. 
The plot would have been awesome, if it wasn't' breaking my heart every second, some parts were good, but the rest of the book just made me angry for me to read.
There also wasn't enough talking, and that's what I enjoy, the description was awesome, but I found myself skipping to it get to the point. I did enjoy the fact that Rhine was doing her best to hold it together, I loved reading about her twin brother. I also loved some of the love plot, I liked that conflict that she was trying not to fall in love with her husband, because she knew she needed to get free. I also loved the man that she does love, or will love. He seems like a guy I would like to hang around with.
All in conclusion, I really wish I would have enjoyed this book a lot more.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars.


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