Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shadow Future Blog Tour! {1st Stop}: The Begining

Hey everyone! And thanks for taking a chance to follow along with the Shadow Future blog tour!

First off, let me post all the links to the blogs that are helping making this happen:

Dot's Blog

Claire Reads 


Sweet Southern Home

Cross Country Girl

Holiday Blog

Read. Write. Live

Now let me tell you how this tour will work:

Right about now, I am actually at camp, (thank goodness for scheduled posts!) But I'll be back on the 15th. :)

At the end of this post, I will post a RaffleCopter widget at the end of this post and you must get the code and enter it, that's the only way you can. And it's worth 25 points!!
What's the code you ask? Well, at ever stop, they'll be a word, or two words even, that you have to get. Make sure you go in order, so that you don't have to unscramble the saying. (unless you like that time of stuff. hehe)

Are you ready?

Here's the order of the blog tour blogs:

Tour: 14-21 June Here are also the tour dates links and names: Tour Dates Page

Me: June 14th

 Dot: June 15th

Claire: June 16th

Elizabeth: June 17th

Hope: June 18th

Cassady: June 19th

Carrie: June 20th

Hannah: June 21st

And at each stop, there will be a interview at each stop with almost each character from Shadow Future. :) Including me. hehe 

Are you guys ready?






Here's the second word, did you guys find the first? HINT: BLUE

Word: Yourself



  1. I don't think I received the e-book that I won from your last giveaway yet.

  2. I know, I said I would give it to you after the 22nd. :) This is part of the blog tour.



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