Monday, July 16, 2012

I think AnnaSophia Robb has competition

Just today, I noticed how much alike Pearl and actor Emma Stone look.

Take this picture from The Amazing Spiderman for instence:

*JUST* how I imagined her. (pretty close anyway)

Also, I noticed that Andrew Garfield looks a lot like Adskhan too...

Andrew is a defiant Adskhan for sure.

But I don't know...AnnaSophia and Emma are pretty close...

Also, Emma has that spirit that Pearl has tucked away inside of her. And she can be quiet at times too, and funny. (as seen in The Amazing Spiderman) I'm just not sure...

I would be happy if either of them got picked for a movie SOME DAY. (I would be happy if ANYONE got her party in a movie....*day dreams away*)

Now to find a perfect Max...


PS: And with Emma and Andrew dating...It might be perfect. ;)) (*this may or not be a spoiler*)

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