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Breaking Shadows: Bold by Hannah Stewart ~ Blog Tour Stop! Interview ~

Today, I have Hannah Stewart, author of Breaking Shadows: Bold by for an interview! Be ready for LOL.

Madison: Favorite color? Why?
Hannah: My favorite color would have to be a tie between hunter green and golden yellow. They were my late Grandpa’s barn colors and jockey silks when he was a racehorse trainer, and I’ve always loved them together. Somehow, they’ve always looked like life, or hope to me. I guess it’s a little crazy, but that’s me.

Madison: What is one of your favorite things to do during your free time? (not including writing)
Hannah: That’s actually a tough question. There are a lot of things I enjoy, which leaves me with very little real free time. I guess my three main activities outside of writing and schoolwork are reading, working with my exracehorse, and – most recently – acting.

Madison: Last book you read?
Hannah: The last book I read was A Streetcar Named Desire for my Critical Reading & Writing class, but I’m currently reading Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov for fun.

Madison: Last food you ate?
Hannah: Honestly, I’m not entirely sure – I have a bad habit of getting so sucked into my work that I forget to stop and eat. It was probably leftover pizza late last night, when I realized (as I often do) that it was almost midnight and I hadn’t eaten a thing all day. It’s not healthy, but then again, when has college ever been? It’s the land of nutrient lacking, sleep deprived zombies trying to prove they can make it in that terrifying place us writers refer to as the “real world,” if we’re being truthful.

Madison: What is a typical writing day for you?
Hannah: As a college student working full time, acting, and training a horse on the side, there really isn’t such a thing as a typical writing day. I guess my biggest chunk of writing time is between midnight and 3am, as sleep doesn’t come easily for me and I might as well use that time for something, but often that time is split with schoolwork as well. I use any spare minutes between classes to scribble down what I can, but my time is very limited. In a way, it’s a good thing – I’ve learned how to be focused and prolific anywhere I am, no matter what’s going on around me, and my typing speed has gone way up. Of course, I can make a little more time for over breaks from college.

Madison: Do you need music to write, or you do like silence? Maybe both?
Hannah: Music is definitely helpful. I get a lot more done when I have it, but I wouldn’t say it’s entirely necessary.

Madison: Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?
Hannah: I have a fluffy white lapdog named Liberty (Libby) that’s been my buddy for almost 9 years now, and a giant, loveable, occasionally-crazy-but-usually-amazing exracehorse in retraining named DropTheKid, but we call him Moose. My family also has a golden retriever named Harley and a kitten named Poet that like to cuddle up during movie night and late writing sprees. In the past, I’ve had two other dogs, a bird, 2 fish, a turtle, a mouse, and 2 snakes as well.

Madison: Favorite TV show? Favorite character from that TV show
Hannah: This is another tough one. I don’t watch much TV anymore, but I guess it would be a tie between Moriarty from the BBC Sherlock and Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time.

Madison: The thing you are most afraid of?
Hannah: Don’t laugh, but it’s cars. Ever since I lived in New York City, I’ve hated them. I can still drive myself around and all that wonderful stuff, but if given the choice, I’d rather just ride my horse. I avoid them whenever possible, and really detest driving.

Madison: A dream of yours?
Hannah: A dream of mine would be to one day have all of my friends and family in the same place, though that’s not exactly likely to happen, since they’re spread all over the country, and not all of them are with us any longer. But that’s why they call it a dream, right?

Lightning round!

1. Hot or cold?
Cold. They both hurt my joints, but at least I can curl up with my dog or horse and a hoodie when it’s cold.

2. Indoor or outdoor?
Indoor if I’m writing or studying, outdoor if I’m with friends or my horse.

3. Fast or slow?
Slow. I like to take my time when possible.

4. Upside down or right side up?
Right side up. Upside down is too much work.

5. Snakes or lizards?
Snakes. I’ve had two of them, and I’d get another if I had the chance.

Thank you for stopping by, Hannah!

Check out Breaking Shadows: Bold!

Raven Falls is a dark place, a harsh place filled with destruction. But from the shadows, a revolution is rising. In a torn country lead by a corrupted, militaristic government, fear pervades every nook, every crack. It fills every broken heart, and chases the hopes and dreams from the people. But in the midst of it all, Jesse and her brother have taken a stand. Just two kids, they’ll have to rebuild their parents’ army if they ever hope to justify their deaths. A battle is coming, whether they’re ready or not. Their only hope is to be BOLD.

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Now for the giveaway and the contest!

Giveaway Information:

Two winners will receive 50% off a copy of Bold. Anyone 
can enter. All you have to do to enter is share something about 
Bold on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #HolyAppleCrisps 
(Jesse's tag line in Bold). On the last day of the tour (Dec. 30th), 
the winners will be drawn at random and announced on my blog.

Contest Information:

On Dec. 15th, this link will go live on my blog. Under it is a BETA 
reader favorite scene from Chapter 2 of Bold, which I can send to you 
if you wish. To enter, contestants will send their artistic 
interpretations of the scene to 
Entries can be anything original, from a drawings to videos, audio, 
written responses from their characters, or anything else they can 
come up with. Entries must be sent in by midnight on the 29th. On the 
last day of the tour, I will post my top 10 entries to be voted on by 
readers. The winner will be announced on my blog the week following. 

-Madison xoxo

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