Monday, December 2, 2013

Post NaNo Post! And presents for you!

Hey there readers! Did you all enjoy Thanksgiving break? (if you got one) or how did your week go? Mine went great! I wrote, wrote, read, wrote, wrote, played, played, ate, ate, slept, wrote, wrote.

As you can see, I wrote a lot. And I finished my NaNo Novel with a few days to spare! At 68,400+ words! This NaNo was a tough one this year, but I pulled through, and I did it! And that's all that matters. How did your NaNo go? Did you win? What were your word counts? I want to know how you did!

Now that NaNo is over, and December is here. (CHRISTMAS) things are back in full gear again with school and normal things like that. I am writing a fanfiction, something totally new to me, but I started out creating fanfiction in my head, and that's how I am here today with all my stories, sometimes it takes making new stories about characters already created for you to make your own.

And I have a very awesome present for you all! For the month, yes, the whole month. ALL OF MY BOOKS IN EBOOK FORM ARE. (only for NOOK and Kindle) 0.99. ALL OF THEM. You can buy the now out Two Rings series for only 3.96. And the Storm Saga for 1.98.

Links for your enjoyment:
Two Rings Series:

Shadow Future: nook/kindle
Dim Future: nook/kindle
My Future: nook/kindle
Shadow of the Lights: nook/kindle

Storm Saga:

The Storm: nook/kindle
Thunder & Lightning: nook/kindle

AND, in paperback form, SHADOW FUTURE and THE STORM are now cheaper than they were.

The Storm: 9.00 (was 10.00)
Shadow Future: 7.25 (was 7.59)

Now it's easy to buy Christmas presents, or just for you. ;)

Have a great Monday!

-Madison xoxo

PS: some of the links may not go live for the prices yet, but they should def be up tomorrow!

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