Thursday, January 5, 2012

A cool, but weird post

Hey everyone!

This post has like, nothing to do with writing, but I'd thought I'd tell you about my fish, Black Jack.

Black Jack died yesterday. :( he lived: Summer '11 - Winter '12.

He was a great fish. :) And I know some of you like be like, 'why does she care so much about a fish?" well, my fish are like the dogs I don't have.

Well, so, Black Jack is in Fish Heaven right now. But, when he died, I stuck him in the freezer with some water in a bag, and froze him. So when the future gets here, and they know how to freeze people and bring them back, he'll live again! (jk)

Here he is now: Han Solo Fish:

Lol, I'm sick, so I'm a bit loopy. :P

Well, that's the post. Ttyl!


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