Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Fazes" What are they?

One of my friends asked me what a "Faze" was. (I had mentioned it in a post)

Well, a faze is when someone really likes something for a limited point of time. Example: I have been in a "Writing Faze" for a year and a half plus 7 days and counting...(and I hope don't stop) (I'm also in a Pirates of the Caribbean "fraze" been in one of those for awhile now...)

I went through a "Batman Faze" for 3 months. That was a big deal for me. I even had posters of ALL the cartoon characters up in my room. 
I still like Batman, but not so much that I had posters and a blog. And took cheesy quizzes almost every day....
I also went through a "Star Wars Faze". I don't recall having a blog, but I knew I made a folder with pictures in them. I also went through a "SpiderMan Faze" where I had to watch all the movies over and over. (number 3 is my fave) 

Sometimes, "fazes" are short lived. Like they're just "I have to do this NOW" things...Like once, I just HAD to watch this one Disney Movie. But the next day, I was completely over it.

As you can see, they're are all kinds of "fazes". They're not bad. As long as you don't rule them, like you make decisions by what your in a "faze" with. That's never happened to me though.

It might annoy your friends and family, you spitting out  facts and talking, and talking about what "faze" you're going through. But if you like it, it's ok. :)

Thought I'd write a post about this.

Love you guys!!


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