Thursday, August 30, 2012

Almost the weekend....

Hey all! It's almost the weekend! Tomorrow is Friday...(thank goodness!)

Well, anyway, I'm almost halfway through editing Two Rings #2! I'm making a doc with a bunch of teasers I want to share with you guys, once it's time for Teaser Tuesdays! :D

THE STORM cover should be in soon! Hope is still making it, and like me, she has school, so it'll be awhile. :)

Speaking of school...for those of you who are in school, how is going?? I am exhausted. But I'm enjoying it somewhat. I am really enjoying French class. Bonjour! Comment ca va? (hello! How are you? Prouncation: bon-ja-our comma sa va.) There! You just learned some French. ;)

I haven't heard anything on how SF is doing at my library, but once I know, I will post!!

(Adskhan wanted to say hi real quick....

Au revoir! ;)



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