Monday, August 27, 2012

SHADOW FUTURE @ The Library!

Yep!! You read it right! SHADOW FUTURE is at the library!!

I just came back from my local library, where one of the nice YA librarians is going to give SF to the cataloging librarian, and it should be on the shelf sometime next week!


(sorry...overly excited) Also, she said that SF was the first selfpubbed book at their library! This made me want to jump up and down with joy...

I can't wait to see my book on a shelf, all stickered! (I forgot my signing marker, so I couldn't sign it, but she librarian said I could come back and sign it. :D)

Well...there's my news!!!


PS: Today was the first day of school! It was very hectic, but it was fun. Now I am exhausted.


  1. Heh. My first day of school was...two weeks ago.

    Anyways, congrats! You're several steps ahead of me!


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