Friday, August 10, 2012


I'm home from vacation! That was the last of vacations and camps until next year.

Also, while I was there, I wrote feverishly so I could write that first kiss while on vacay. And I did!! *YIPPEE* And, I finished it on the last day, which was a very romantic like day. There were couples on the doc, holding hands. It was really sweet. <3

But the bad news is, I was sick all on vacation. I had a bad cold. And I'm still not over it yet. (I blame camp). Which is just like last vacation we went on. I got everyone else sick too. Which happened again this time. :p

BUT, vacation was still fun. And I didn't want to leave. Also, here's a song from my WIP playlist for you guys. (I'm planning on sharing this story with you guys very soon!)

This song is like the main theme, so it's a major spoiler. ;)

And check up on the FB page for pics of SF at Lakeside! My nana is a great photographer. ;)
(here's a sneak peek to the photos!
A little sneak peek at the Lakeside pics! SF is enjoying some ice cold water. But it just can't decide what to eat...)
PS: Check out this: #FlirtSquad 

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