Monday, September 30, 2013

Book Update!

Helllllo. Wow, two blog posts in one day. This is a goal.

I just wanted to update you all on the process of where I am on writing and editing books that I am hoping to share with all of you.

The Storm Saga

The Hurricane is written, (which you know) and I am hoping to share the summary verrrry soon. And Hope is going to be making the cover very soon as well. I am hoping to start editing it in October.

I have written Felix's Novella, which HAS a title, but I can't share it with you just yet.

The Storm #3 is almost done. I am nearing the end, it's so close. And a plot twist came out of nowhere and I love it lots.

Two Rings series

I am going to release the final book's title in October, and the cover at the same time, because I've had all the covers for a very long time, and you deserve to see them! It is another duel POV, just like My Future (#3) was. The release date will be most likely sooner than The Hurricane, because the Two Rings books aren't as long as the Storm Saga's. More info on that soon.

I am hoping to write maybe a spin off series later in the future if I have the time. I love the OverShadowers and the Undimmed, and I don't want them to just end here with just Pearl's story. There's so much more for you to know!


NaNo Novel '13 is almost all outlined in my head, and I am bursting to write it. But I will wait until November. (A WHOLE MONTH) BUT, that doesn't mean I can't write a novella, or a few about that certain world. I really like the idea of the Throne of Glass series, with all those novella's before Throne of Glass was released. And I want to do that with this one. I will most likely start that after I finish and take a quick break from The Storm #3 and writing it. (my brain needs to come down from it's high. lol)

There's a quick overview, I will start thinking of summary's and release dates for all those who need it, and I will let you know when those are up! :)

-Madison xoxo

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