Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm not good at writing love triangles: a writing truth

The title says it all. I know the blog could use a lot more bookish and writish posts, but the kpop posts are amazing. *coughs*. But I've decided when I think of some bookish or writish post, I won't just tweet it, I'll expand it as much as I can get it, and put it on the blog.'s the first one!

I'm Not Good at Writing Love Triangles: A Writing Truth

Whenever I try to make the MC fall in love, or like each of the boys, or vice versa, it never works. I always prefer one of the other boys over the other, so does the MC. And usually, one of the love interests always turns out to be evil in some way...and one of them is good. And the MC might kiss each of them a number of times for some reason or another, but the good guy always wins in the end, sometimes in the beginning, and having the MC end up with the bad guy would change the plot so dramatically my brain wouldn't be able to cope.

I think another point that I have such a hard time with Love Triangles, is that I've had a few in my life. Me being the top of the triangle. It's very unpleasant, and I think it bothers me to write a triangle when I was part of one. And I'm not good at breaking people's hearts...especially my characters. It makes me sad inside, but I've finally been able to kill people off...which hurts me a whole lot more.

If I ever try to write a love triangle of some sort, there are two different plots in my head. One with the one guy, and another with the other guy. And it's very hard to pick which one, and then I spend months sometimes years after finishing a book wondering what it would have been like if the MC had gone with a different boy at the end. And everything is just awkward in my poor head.

That is why I don't and I'm not good at writing them. So that's why I just make one evil guy, and the other nice, and the girl already in love, or quite possibly being able to fall in love so that my brain never has to hurt every again.

You never know, I might be able to think of a plot that has a good love triangle, and it'll work, and my brain won't die.

I hope you enjoyed this little Writing Truth. Tell me if you like love triangles, if you're good at writing them, etc. I'd love to hear what you have to say! And I might put them in the next Writing Truth post! So everyone can see. ^.^

Happy Thursday!

-Madison xoxo

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