Friday, October 18, 2013

I got tagged!

Someone tagged me in this blog post, and wanted me to answer these questions. I'll just answer, I won't tag anyone, but I love answering questions. :)


1. What in your opinion do you think YA (or fiction in general) needs more of?

YA needs more suspense, action, magic, almost anything. And in the process, just minus out most of the romance in my opinion. I love romance, I write it. But the fact that most of the YA books I read now has some sort of sex scene in it...just drives me up the wall. Us teens don't go and sleep around you know, at least not any teens I know. (plus myself) sorry for the mini rant, but that's my opinion.

2. What is something you would absolutely love to see a book about? (Be specific if possible!)

Hm, this is a hard question. I say more fiction about pirates. Mostly teens, since I love pirates so much!

3. How many non-American authors can you name? (List them!)

Do Canadians count? I know of Chloe Jacobs and Amy Laurens! 

4. How many non-American YA authors can you name? (List them!)

5. What are books that have made you sob and/or cry out loud?

I have cried over Julie Kagawa's IRON QUEEN, and another book that I can't remember the title too...I almost prayed for her, since I felt so strongly about the character!

6. What is your favourite book from childhood?

I would say the Doctor Suss books!

7. What do you like to do that has absolutely nothing to do with reading, writing, or anything of the like?

I love to play video games,  I love to draw, I love hanging out with my friends! And babysitting.

8. What does diversity mean to you?

Being yourself.

9. How would you describe your style of clothing?

Trying to go with the trends, but trends don't like me. :P

10. What is your goal in life? (It could be at the moment or overall).

To become a Best Selling Author, and have lots of readers who beg me for teasers and art work, and stuff. I also want to get married and have kids. :)

Thanks for tagging me @alyssasherlockwrites! :)

-Madison xoxoxo

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