Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teaser Tuesday #1 - The Hurricane (The Storm Saga #2)

Ok, ladies and gents. The first official teaser from THE HURRICANE (The Storm Saga #2) is right below all these words. WOAH, WAIT. DON'T SCROLL PAST ALL THIS IMPORTANT INFO I'M ABOUT TO SAY. Haha, gotcha. Go ahead, have a look. ;)

^ this is you. :p

(teasers are from the first phase of editing, please no comments on the grammar, etc. Thank you!!)

"I frowned. I’d been frowning a lot lately. I touched my cheeks, thinking that if I kept it up, I’d start to actually look my age. "

I thought I would post a nice, gentle one to start us off. I hope you enjoyed.  ^.^ I have many more left to share with you all!!

-Madison xoxo

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