Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What happens when you write five books in a row without taking a break...

The title says it all. I love to write, it's my passion, but sometimes...very few mind you...I just have to take a break because I might go crazy, or I won't get anything else done. Such as editing.

WHICH, is what I am starting TODAY. WHOOP WHOOP. I have to edit THE HURRICANE, Two Rings #4, Felix's Novella, The Storm Saga #3, Mystery Novel and NaNo Novella. (that was my prep)

So yeah...I have lots of editing to do. BUT, it's good, considering the way I edit, I usually go through a book, fix spelling and that's all. Then I set it down, and wait a month or so to pick it back up again. Gives me a new perspective. But NOW, I'll just be able to jump from book to book. (hopefully). I'll be editing THE HURRICANE and Two Rings #4 first. Then I'll start on Felix's Novella, The Storm Saga #3. Then after that, Mystery Novel and NaNo Novella.

WHEW. I am very excited for you all to read them, especially Mystery Novel!! I go. Wish me luck!! *sets up editing music* OH, and suspect a reveal of the final cover and title of Two Rings #4 soon! Friday maybe...

-Madison xoxo

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