Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Being Random (Writers have to be ya know)

Hey guys!

Check out this link:

You should so tell your libaray or other book place I guess, about this! I did already. It's gonna be SWEET!!

Do you like how I put the tabs on the side? They were getting too long to have at the top.

Well...........I am writing a bit, but I need to brainstorm more, and other stories keep popping up in my head. But I am STILL writing it! Never fear!

Did you read: "Prince Edward England and His Flaw"?

Well, bye fo now!

Oh! And I have another blog, (it's the same one, but a differnt name) check it out. I'm going to put writing stuff on here and my other random life on the other one. Check it out!:


- Madison Lousie <3

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  1. I like how you put the tabs on the side, but put them where some one can see them. Like, at the top. ;)


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