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Gravity Blog Tour - Guest Post by Melissa West!

Today, I'm very lucky to have Melissa West, author of GRAVITY, on my blog today!! :) And I asked her to tell us what her favorite scene in GRAVITY was, and why.

But first, here's my short, but sweet review of GRAVITY!

4.5! It was a really good idea, I loved the new twist in aliens, plus, some dystopian! Love it! 
At some points, I didn't get the romance, it seemed rushed. Like it could have blossomed a little slower, or maybe that Ari just didn't need a man. lol. Ari was such a strong person, she reminded me of my MC, Pearl, she stood up for what she believed it, didn't go the way she wanted, but she kept fighting!

I loved the idea of the Taking, it was way cool. It's hard to find a good alien book after you've read the Lux series, but Melissa did an awesome job with GRAVITY. :D

Can't wait for book 2! (and my paperback copy of GRAVITY!)

And now, ladies and gents, Melissa West!

When asked what my favorite scene in GRAVITY was, my mind instantly went to the climax of the story. To avoid spoilers, I won’t go into the specifics, but I will say that it fully encompasses my intention for the story. Ari finds insurmountable strength during this part of the book. She pushes her pain aside—both physically and emotionally—to do what’s right.

As silly as it sounds, it’s the point in the book that I am most proud of, and oddly enough it wasn’t originally in the book. I was sitting in my car listening to Fix You by Coldplay. My editor had mentioned that we needed to really amp up the climax and I had been brainstorming how. All of sudden, a scene started to unfold while I was listening to the song. I envisioned passion and pain and courage unlike anything else in the rest of the book. I went home and immediately wrote the scene.

If you have read GRAVITY or any of the reviews, you know it has a strong theme towards war and the impact it has on people—how it can change people. I wanted the climax of the story to feel brutal in a way that pushed the reader to think. I started drawing on some of the cruelest moments in human history and went instantly to the Holocaust. I googled images and read letters from those that suffered through that time. I had—have—no intention of trying to duplicate the horror that is the Holocaust, but I wanted to show the same level of human cruelty. How easy it is for some to look at someone different and consider them to be a lesser human being. That was the point of the climax of my story. And I love it. I’ve read it so many times that I can virtually quote every line, and even now with the book out there, it is my favorite part of the book.

I hope those of you reading GRAVITY enjoy the scene. Please let me know what you think! I love hearing from readers. 

Thank you for stopping by, Melissa! 

Meet the Author:

Writer and lover of all things YA. Wife. Mommy. Did I mention I'm a serious sore loser at Monopoly? Yeah, don't play me. My debut, GRAVITY, a YA mix of sci-fi, romance, and other cool stuff hits October 2012 Rep'd by Louise Fury of L. Perkins Agency.

Twitter: @MB_West


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