Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shadow Future's First Writing Day! Nov. 1st: Celebration!

Hey everyone!! I am so excited to share the cover and summary of DIM FUTURE (Two Rings #2) with you! Annnd...a deleted scene from SHADOW FUTURE! :)

Ok...I will share the cover first...are you ready???









And then, just the front:

Annnd, I wrote out the summary so you guys can read it better:

Pearl Underwood finally got away from the OverShadowers, only to end up with the Undimmed, who just like the OverShadowers, only want to use her for their own benefits.  But this time, they only want her Undimmed side.  Which would mean, having her OverShadower side taken away. Forever.

Pearl's convinced that learning how to control her Undimmed powers, and her OverShadower powers, will help her get a better grip on her future. There's only one problem: Her stepfather, Axel, has her rings, and without those rings, Pearl's life is on the line. And with her half-brother, Jayden, and cousin, Gabriel always watching her, Pearl has no chance of getting those rings back.

Pearl hates feeling sick, the only good thing about the whole situation is: she gets to see Max whenever her Undimmed side goes out of control. And Max listens to her when she talks, and cares about what she's going through. Even though he doesn't seem to feel the same away about her, as she does about him.

Will Pearl be able to get away once again? Or will she end up where she started?

DIM FUTURE is the second book in the Two Rings series. First book: SHADOW FUTURE.

I love the cover! Hope did such a great job on it! :) I hope you guys love it too!! 

Oh! And one more thing, the release date for DIM FUTURE is..... January 22nd 2013! :)

Pre-order DIM FUTURE here.'s the deleted scene from SF!:

SF Deleted Scene

Hope you guys enjoyed! :)


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