Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grand Title post!!!

Alright! The moment you guys have been waiting for!! The new book will be called.......


I will have the description up soon! And just so you know, you guys out there, if there are any, this book probably won't be for you. It's a more intense girly book. FYI. But you ladies, it will be fine, if you like romance and all that good stuff. :)

FEATHERS is part of a brand new series, since most of all my other series will be over soon. :( I know, sad. But I will start working on the 4th Royal Pains soon!!

You guys are AH-MAZING!


  1. ewwww....romance? Any good sword fights? Or kidnapping?! Of course, I prefer to say, "surprise adoption" rather than kidnapping.

  2. Haha, plenty of 'surprise adoption'. ;) But a little bit more romance. hehe



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