Saturday, October 15, 2011

Super Saturday...(a random post)

Hey ya'll!

It's really windy here. Like a tornado could come any moment. (thankfully it's not hot enough for that)

Anyway, I spent most of my time until 10:40 sleeping. And then I got up and wrote...and wrote...watched TV...wrote...played video games...blogged. Oh, and took a walk and my hair got all messy.

I have this one song stuck in my head! It's: Teenage Daughters by Martina McBride. I like the song, just for a couple words, not bad ones, just...there's no use for them. But it's a pretty good song. It's from a real mothers point of view on teenage daughters. Here's the video:
Well....tonight, my best friend is coming over for a bit. That's gonna be fun. :)

I'm really upset that I have no book to review for you guys. Most of the books I have, are really good, and you don't have to worry about anything being bad in them. VANISH by Sophie Jordon is coming in soon. Just wish it would come in faster!! Grrrr!!

Well, I better go play some video games. ;) lol

Bye for now!!

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