Saturday, November 26, 2011

After Thanksgiving post... IMPORTANT

Well...I am very full of food. hehe. And I've gotten hooked on Girls Generation music. Here's one of their songs:

The Boys <333 lol

Anyhoo, there's only day left of Thanksgiving break, and that's tomorrow. And I'm going to the Nutcracker with my friend. :)))))

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I sure did. :)

Don't forget to vote!! -------->

And don't forget about my party! Dec. 27th 2011 5pm-6pm EST. :) Details up top!

(I'm planning the plan for the party now. I'll finish it after the poll results come in. The Pirates are winning at the moment!)

Oh!!! And I have the winner for the "Signed Copy of 'A Pirate's Wife for Me?'"


I'll email you, and I'll send you the copy of the book as soon as I can! :)


And guess what? I won the NaNo 2011 writing thing. lol. I think I'm getting five copies of TWO RINGS. PUBLISHED! Can you believe it??? I CAN'T!!!!

Well, enjoy the music video! :D



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