Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cover Reveal: Shadow of the Lights

This is very last minute  but since Christmas is coming along very quickly this year, I wanted to share the cover with you as soon as possible!!

It's so pretty you guys...ready?




Am I right? It's so pretty. <3 Thank you so much Hope!!

Ok, so tomorrow, I will be releasing SHADOW OF THE LIGHTS into the world! It'll only be available via Smashwords (until AFTER CHRISTMAS), since I want this story to be free, and KDP, and Pubit don't let you make your book free...so...there's that. It'll be available via Smashwords, Kindle, and NOOK after Christmas for .99. 

Also, check out the teaser, and 2/4 drawings from SHADOW OF THE LIGHTS here.

-Madison xoxo

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