Monday, December 17, 2012

The Storm, Dim Future and Shadow of the Lights

Long title, but that's all that's in here, and I didn't think that just writing 'book stuff' was a very perfisonal, so I went with that. (wait...I'm perfessional?)

Anyway, let's start out with The Storm.

I just finished the second round of edits!! :D And what does this mean?? That it's one step closer to being released onto the world!! EEEP. (also, check out the Shadow of the Lights portion for something special!)

Ok, now to Dim Future.

Hannah Stewart ( @CrossCountryGal ) is working on the last edits of her part, next it'll be going to the Head Editor (a.k.a mom) and then I'll be printing out ARC's to check for mistakes and stuff like that. (which means....GIVEAWAYS!!) also, there's going to be a huge giveaway starting on Jan. 22nd (the day DIM FUTURE comes out) with all sorts of awesome stuff to give away. So stay tuned for that!

And last, but certainly not least, Shadow of the Lights.

It's done being edited, just waiting on the cover, and the drawings to go into it. (I will most likely be sharing the first two drawings tomorrow HERE on the blog! :)) I can't wait to share this short Christmas story with you! :D Also, at the end of SHADOW OF THE LIGHTS, the prologue to THE STORM is there...YES, you can read the first part of it!!! :D

And that's it!! Stay tuned for the drawings, and more info tomorrow!! :D

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-Madison xoxo

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