Monday, December 31, 2012

End of 2012...

It's been an amazing year. And I got to end it with SHADOW OF THE LIGHTS being available via NOOK and lots of love!! <3333

Look at all the love for me, and SHADOW OF THE LIGHTS! I <3 you guys. :D

And look!! The pictures in SHADOW OF THE LIGHTS show up in NOOK! (first pic!)

I was so glad when I learned that you could see the pictures! My illustrators did such an amazing job! 

Adskhan thinks so too...;)

SHADOW OF THE LIGHTS should be available via Kindle here soon!! And it's still FREE via Smashwords until tomorrow!

Again, thank you for all who read SHADOW FUTURE this year!!! I wouldn't be this far without you guys! I hope 2013 is just as amazing as 2012!!

-Madison xoxo


  1. REALLY FUNNY STORY. I thought your Twitter profile pic was LITERALLY your Christmas tree, and you were showing it off to everybody, and now that I am on your blog and am looking to my right ------>

    I see that I was horribly mistaken. ANYWAY, it's a beautiful cover. ze lights are INFECTIOUS *pretends to be a French chef* *messes up French accent* *keeps talking like a madman anyway*

    PS—I like goldfish.

    1. HAHA! Oh, Eileen. ;) And thank you!! Hope Photography made it for me! She makes all my covers. :)

      PS: Me too, I own one. His name is Jack.


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