Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy/Depressed After Finishing WIP Author

My titles are getting better, I must admit.

Anyhoo. I JUST finished #neverendingWIP. The final word count was 125,457. (WOW.) I am very proud of this book! The book was supposed to be a short story, but oh no, it grew, and grew, to the point where I almost went insane.

I know probably some of you are curious on what it's about,'s a little hint: (and I'm terrible at the whole something meets something things, so I'm going to try)

A novel about a girl who lives in lies for most of her life, and then she discovers the truth, and she goes after her dreams. 

If I come up with a something meets something else, I'll let you know. lol. But that's a vague hint about it. It's a YA novel, but a little bit more YA than what I usually write. It's also the longest book I have ever written. It's not paranormal at all, it's a Real Life novel. (that's what I like to call those sorts of novels) it's also a growing up story, it has romance, and the works.

I am verrrry excited to share it with you. It's a standalone at the moment. And that's all I wanted, it could have been a trilogy, but I went for a huge book instead.

I shall be making a Pintrest board now because I can.

I hope you all have a great Sunday!!

-Madison xoxo

PS: Now I will eat ice cream and think about THE STORM SAGA 2.5, which I will be starting tomorrow. Because an author can never rest!

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