Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Future (Two Rings #3) Release Day!

YAY! It's finally here! I'm really excited to share this book with you, Pearl really grows up in this book, and so does Max! I had fun writing both POV's in this book. :) But a lot of other things get in the way along the way. You might cry, just a warning there.

I have buy links for you all to enjoy!

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Pearl Underwood is back where she started. In the clutches of the OverShadowers. Fastened to her Leader, Adskhan Carter. But this time things come at a price. She must behave, or Max, the boy she loves, will die. She tries to behave while she tries and finds information about Undimmed, and how to break the Fasten that binds Adskahn and her together, she if can just break it, than she can run away with Max. But the OverShadowers don’t let her always do what she wants, and she’s stuck pretending to like kissing Adskhan, and teaching the OverShadower children.

Max thought he had his life pretty much planned out. Work for his brother, find Hybrids, bring them back and make them feel safe. He didn’t know that trying to bring back Pearl Underwood would cause so much trouble. Not just for his job, but for his heart. Now he’s locked up in the OverShadower dungeon, trying to think of an escape plan. He can’t see Pearl. He can’t even hear her voice. He has to behave, or she gets hurt.

When their darkest hour hits, and everything seems hopeless, will they find a way to make it through? Together?

Annnnd...a giveaway because you can't have a release day without a giveaway, right?

I'm giving away copies of all the now released Two Rings series books. (Shadow of the Lights, Shadow Future, Dim Future, My Future) plus some bookmarks! And I have really awesome new envelopes to send them in too! 

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Enjoy the giveaway, it ends on the 15th of September. :) so...start entering!!

-Madison xoxo

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