Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Future is paperback early + other

Happy Tuesday, readers!

I come to you from panic central, where I try very hard to every possible thing before lunch, so I can play hours of New Zelda game.

Oh, and then school starts on Monday, and I am so NOT ready for it. Like...at all. Then there's the fact that I need to finish The Storm #3 BEFORE NOVEMBER, so I can start New Book Idea for NaNo.

AND deadline for application for the book signing on October 5th needs to be sent in SOON. And I don't have my picture yet, and I have no money to buy books or a table....


Wait...that gif has nothing to do with what I just said...oh well...I guess I should say that I just wish I could feel like that...Oh, and Doctor Who.

BUT, there's a good thing, MY FUTURE (Two Rings #3) is in paperback early! Click HERE to see for yourself.

AND, new Zelda game is amazing, and it'll be my fourth Zelda game I finished this year if I finish it by Christmas. I feel very accomplished. I also beat two bosses and finished two dungeons yesterday. That usually takes me about a week or something...(that gif up top should of gone here)

Well, off I go to finish my race to the finish before lunch.

-Madison xoxo

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