Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Highlights of my party!!

Hey everyone!!

Thank you all who came to my party yesterday!!! I love you guys so much!! You guys are amazing!!

Ok, so, the whole time, I was laughing my head off. Who guys are SO FREAKING FUNNY.

Ok, so lines I can remember that made me laugh so hard are:

"Who in the name of Mike is Maddie?" 

"Where is Fredrick? I want to cut off his head!"

"It's 'aye'. Learn to spell." (Jashub was being a bit mean, I'm afraid to admit.)

"Hey Catherine, are you free Friday night?" (one of the party guests was a little too forward. lol)

"Hey Catherine, if I was 3 years older, we would have chemistry." (lol)

 "'I just fell off my chair!' 'I saw it'" (hehe, brothers and sisters)

"'Not cool' Sicky Vicky quote." (some Sonny With a Chance things in there too!)

"RD2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (LOL)

And so many more!!! It was such a great party!!!

Oh! I almost forgot, and the new book I'm writing it Elament Girl. More details soon!!!

Thank you again!!


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