Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hey everyone!!

My writing career birthday party is today!!! Just follow this link: PARTY! or go up top to "Maddie's Writing Career Birthday Party page!!" :)

Here's the plan for the party:

Make sure you stay the entire time!! There is no set plan. It's just an hour of fun!! So if you show up for a certain thing, there's a good chance it's already over, or we haven't done it yet. So make sure you stay for the whole hour! (if you can't, that is fine.) And those who asked: you don't need to bring me presents. ;)

Plan for Maddie's party:

just chat until everyone is mostly here.
Then, do giveaways, and will announce winners after questions. Then you guys can chat until I get the special guests. ;) Catherine and Jashub will be to answer all your questions. :D And I know your excited about that!! And then I'll make just some announcements. Hopefully, you won't get bored and leave. Then you can ask more questions and just chat until I kick you out. lol

Giveaways:  (will announce how to win at the party)
                   1st place winner gets to pick any book they want out of my books. (not including Shadow Future)
                   2nd place winner gets a "Feathers" book.
                   3rd place winner gets a signed bookplate.

Special Guests: The Pirate Chronicles crew! (Catherine and Jashub and maybe some more...)

Questions: Ask away! As long as they're appropriate. If they are not, they will not be answered. Ex: "What's your favorite food?" (that's a good question.) I will not being doing a example of a bad question.

Announcements: Come and find out!!

I hope to "see" you all there!!!!


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