Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Official Cover - Coming soon!!

Hey everyone! Check this out: (ignore awful spelling)

*evil laugher* I have the cover!! Can't wait to show you! (I will probably show you when I have a release date, or maybe before...)

Just wanted to show you! Make sure you check out the summary for Shadow Future:

Pearl has always been the quiet girl, she lets people tell her what to do.  And when your a girl in a very controlling place, that's always a good choice.
But when a choice is made for her, that she can't go through with.  She can't change it, no matter how hard she tries.
She tells herself that she needs to make her own future. But she doesn't know how. She's never had to stand up for herself, until now.
She tries, and ends up knowing things she would have rather not have known. And pain that's almost too much to handle.
But she knows she must keep trying, no matter what happens, or her future will be a dark...


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