Saturday, December 17, 2011

My First Family Christmas! (2011)

I had my first family Christmas today. :) I was tons of fun. :) Got to see some of my cousins. :) So, here are all the gifts I got! :)

The whole gang! ^^^^

 An ipod ornament. ^
 Gum! <3 and pencils. ^
 Mini American Girl dolls. Rebecca on the left, and Felicity on the right. ^
 Fuzzy socks!! <3 ^
Flats! ^
 And my favorite, Pooh Bear and the new Whinne the Pooh movie! I <3 Whinne the Pooh. :)
 "When the Sun Goes Down" :) (the CD is being used, so I couldn't take a pic. lol)
 "Speak Now"!!!!!!!! <33333333 (also being used)

Thanks for reading the post!!



  1. LOVE the iPOD ornament!
    xxo. Jazzie

  2. I know! Isn't it awesome? :)

    -Madison Louise


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