Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Goodies!

Hey everyone!

I'm SUPER excited right now! Want to know why? Well.........................

My book is copyrighted!!

I feel like a proud mama! No one can steal it now!! *jumps, dances etc...*

I was also converting it to a eBook yesterday. It'll be available on, NOOK and the iBookStore, on April 11th! I think I'm going to cry!!! *cries* The book will only cost: 2.99. :) FYI.

WARNING: The book won't be perfect, like the chapters won't have links to them or anything. But I'm still REALLY happy about the fact that it's converted. :D

I'm so happy right now!! It's also library day...I'm going to come home and read all night....I'm also reading BOURNE by Lisa Bergen, it's REALLY good.

Well...I must go off and wite/schoolwork. Bye!


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