Thursday, March 1, 2012

Friday...wait...I mean, Thursday....ready for the weekend....

Well...I have some GOOD news, and some BAD news. Which do you want first?? How about we get the bad news over with first...

Bad news: My  new fish. Algus Mangues died on Monday. :( And we think that my other fish Jack is a Mafia, and kills off other fish, because he's lived the longest. lol
More bad news: I have SERIOUS writers block. I KNOW what I want to write, but....I can't fill in the blanks between the big events...aren't those the worse?
MORE bad news: Yesterday was leap day correct? Well...I was sick all day yesterday. I always feel the worse on holidays. No idea why. lol XD but I'm doing better today.

Good news: I'm reading an AWESOME book. It's called: Entwined, and it's by Heather Dixon. I'm enjoying it SO much!!
More good news: It's library today tomorrow, PLUS one more day of school (WEEKEND). I'm SO ready for the summer....

They're seems to be a lot of bad news, doesn't there? have to get through the hard stuff to get to the good stuff, right?

In other news, I'm OBSESSED with k-pop's Miss A. You should look them up, they're AMAZING. Even if you can't speak Korean, they're still awesome.....

Also, it's another k-pop's 6th anniversary today (The Brown Eyed Girls, they're awesome too, btw.), and some fan made this video for them. I thought it was the cutest/funniest thing EVER. Watch:

Well...there's your laugh for the day....:)


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