Friday, March 23, 2012

Meeting Michelle Madow!

I went to Grove City today, and met Michelle Madow!! :D I had an awesome time! We talked one and one for awhile, and she signed my copy of REMEMBRANCE and I bought VENGEANCE, and got a jumbo bookmark. She did a great speech also! She's so sweet and pretty! :)


And also, I'm in the pics from Grove City highschool! Go see if you can find me!

Thank you SO much Michelle for talking to me and giving me advice!! :) You inspire me!!!



  1. So glad you had fun! It was so awesome meeting you! Can't wait to read SHADOW FUTURE! <3

  2. I had more than fun! (if that's possible...hehe) You too!! I was SO excited when I read that you were coming to Ohio! No one comes here. haha. Aww...thank you!! I can't either. XD


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