Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Monday!

It's Monday again, folks.

I've had TWO great weeks so far. And I'm going for THREE. Who's with me?

And so far, it's started off great! I'm almost done writing SF2. And the Shadow Future trailer is MADE. I will be revealing as soon as we figure out to upload it to YouTube. (it was too big to send by email) I'm SUPER excited to see it.

Also, my Spring Break is NEXT week. But, everything I usually do is mostly canceled, so I do school, then the day is just relaxing from there for the most part. So when my real Spring Break comes, I'll have NO school, and plenty of time to write/edit with just things to do. (if that makes any sense...) it's going to great. haha

Well, I must go back to school! So then I can WRITE.

Ta ta!


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