Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NaNo Advice: Why character bios?

Ok, I'm back, with more #nanoprep stuff. Today's topic:

Why should I write character bios?

1. you get to know your characters better.

2. instead of winging your characters backstory, or making up things as you go along, you know EXACTLY what they're like, WHAT they like, and what their story is.

3. It gets you all excited to start writing about these truly awesome characters.

You may be asking: "But I like winging it, and making it up as I go." then that's you, do what you like. I used to do that, but I've noticed that things get really confusing if I don't know my characters at all. ;P (editing takes extra long that way...)

(I will most likely continue doing character bios for novels in the future, these characters are going to be prettttty sweet.)

Another question: "how do I write character bios?"

Well, what I did was: find their name, or if you don't have their name yet, just put something else down. Then, you write about them. Doesn't have to be perfect grammar, or anything fancy. Just write what you know about them, add things when you think of it. Like for my MC, I wrote: "She has pink hair." now...that can say a lot about your character, can't it? It's kind of liking writing a summary about someone you know. Maybe say that their stubborn, or nice, or pretty. (whatever suits you.)*

*You can also find people who look like your character. Like actors, and actresses. And if you have trouble finding a name, just look through newpapers, books, movie credits. It'll come to you!*

For the final thing you may be thinking: "what if I go through all that trouble, and I never even glance at my bios?" then that's fine, if you don't use them, that's a-okay.


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